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Kahungunu Strong Man hopes the break record this Easter

updated By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

New Zealand’s Strongest Man Competition has been held annually for more than 20 years and is the toughest strength competition in the country.

Former Strong Man NZ Champion Reuben De Jong put on a show by pulling this 10 tonne truck. 

But there was more to the competition with the attendance of reigning Western Australian champion, Rongo Keene. 

Kahungunu descendant Keene says, "Well, you know there is always mana here brother, you got to have a bit of it if you want to move some of these weights.  Everyone trains hard throughout the year just for this one event."

These kind of weights are not typically seen at your average gym.  These strong guys take the time out of their day and well prepare their workouts. 

For the past year, Keene has been travelling throughout New Zealand and Australian hoping to defeat other stronger athletes. 

He says, "At the moment, the record sits along 165(kg), I'm hoping to break that today - it's an overhead press.  I weigh 135, so it's a bit more than my body weight."

Freestyle Motorcross was another feature at the Auckland Easter Show with the likes of top NZ riders such as Andrew Jackson who suffered a shoulder injury only a month ago.  

Jackson says, "I've been doing this for around three years and I've been touring around NZ doing this with NZ motorcross."

The competitions will continue throughout the long weekend hoping to topple last year's attendance of 130,000.