Joint venture for Kaikohe district farmlands

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

In a first for Northland, the new Māori Trustee has entered into a joint venture with Māori trust farmlands in the Kaikohe district.

Shareholders of the Omāpere-Rangihāmama Lands Trust are looking over the development of a new dairy operation.

According to Sonny Tau, “We have the land and recently purchased a herd of dairy cows, so once the milking shed is up, the farm will start producing dairy milk.”

A long-held aspiration to develop will now be realised with the support of both the new Māori Trustee and the Ministry of Primary Industry.

This is the first joint venture by the new Māori Trustee and iwi in Northland and it's hoped it will open the door to similar initiatives with other organisations in this region who are looking to develop their lands.

Today the formalities were completed, but now is when the real development of the land begin.