Jamaican reggae starlet Etana to perform at Raggamuffin

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

Auckland will host Raggamuffin for the first time ever tomorrow. Jamaican sensation Etana spoke Te Kāea. The female artist is leading reggae artists on the Billboard Charts.

Etana's chart topping songs from her 'I rise' album will be performed tomorrow. 

Etana says, “I'm hoping that the whole set for me will be the highlight of my performance and I already know vibe of New Zealand is amazing when it comes to reggae music. The whole show is going to be fantastic!”

Born Shauna McKenzie, the only girl in a family of boys. Her vocal talent was discovered when she was eight years old.

However she struggled as a female artist in a reggae world dominated by men growing up. A story not so different from legends who paved the way for female reggae superstars in the past.

“These women came through it when it was the hardest and roughest,” says Etana.

She'll be on stage here tomorrow afternoon in what's predicted to be the biggest concert Raggamuffin has ever seen. NZ sensation Aaradhna is one artist she's hoping to meet.

Etana says, “My favourite songs from her is "I wish it would rain"...it brings back memories of my own struggles. Having to fight for the mic on stage as a female. Been looked at as you’re female and you come last.”

However Etana will be a force to reckoned with during Raggamuffin and leading into the New Year.

Etana says, “I'll be stepping up and go harder. 2015 i'll be going harder.”