Jack Wiki awarded posthumously for bravery

By Heeni Brown
  • Northland

The Auckland Council awarded Jack Maynard Wiki posthumously for his bravery.  In 2009, his two grandchildren were caught in a rip at an area of Ninety Mile Beach known as the Bluff.

Jack and Russel Steiner went right after them, but the two grandchildren and Steiner were the only ones to make it back alive.

It's been more than three years since Jack Wiki drowned, and his children are still finding it difficult.

The reason being, the whānau disagree with some of the details in the Coroner's report.

One of the details the whānau are trying to deal with is the part of the Coroner's report that says Jack Wiki was gathering kina, but the family knows that the Bluff isn't a place where you gather kina.

Te Kāea tried to reach the Coroner's Office to see whether or not the Wiki whānau had a chance of getting Jack Wiki's death reinvestigated, but they are yet to respond.

Although Jack Wiki has passed on, his children say their dad would be proud of this award.