Iwi Chairs Forum encourage youth engagement

By Hone-Haunui Rapana
  • North Island: West Coast

The Iwi Chairs Forum is taking place in Whanganui this week, and iwi have been encouraged to increase youth engagement with the forum.

The voice of the youth is being heard by the leaders of today.

Matariki Cribb says, “A voice at this table on these matters to share ideas and decisions about what's being discussed.”

Rahui Papa says, “We have brought the youth in to listen, and engage with each other, as they may one day sit in these very positions.”

Tariana Turia says, “In these forums, we tend to always have those who are older speaking on their behalf, same in the political sphere, we very rarely hear Rangatahi giving their views on issues.”

Implemented by Te Kāhui Rangatahi, the Iwi Chairs Forum have brought in youth to lead new initiatives that will help both forums to grow.

The leaders of tomorrow have started to plan today.

Te Kāhui Rangatahi will host the next Iwi chairs Forum in Waikato-Tainui, putting action the outcomes of this gathering.