Iwi call for restrictions on 90 Mile Beach

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

Today Ngāi Takoto, Te Aupouri and Te Rarawā have agreed to put a restriction on the 90 mile beach for one week, after a 16 year old boy went missing on Saturday afternoon.

Police were called to Ahipara beach on Saturday afternoon to search for the missing teen.

A North Shore family are desperately looking for their son after he went missing yesterday afternoon.

They were into the third day of their holiday on 90 Mile Beach.

According to Sergeant Neil Pennington, “a 16 year old boy got sucked out by the surf and he wasn’t seen again.”

According to local Mangu Awarau, “I was told a person went missing at Matapia. That's in the Te Aupouri and Ngāti Kuri area.”

Locals, surfers, and the fire service have been checking the water and scanning the shoreline for the missing teenager for a day now.

He's of Philippine descent. A restriction will be put in place on the beach.

The Northland Electricity Rescue Helicopter has also been called in to help search for the 16-year-old boy.

Three people have been confirmed drowned so far these holidays.