Topic: Prison

Insideout6 Exhibition showcases prisoners' artistic talent

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

The InsideOut6 Art Exhibition is now in its sixth year at the Mairangi Arts Centre. 

The exhibition features artworks produced through the Art in Prisons Programme by prisoners.

The Art in Prisons Programme was born out of a dream expressed by this elder who wanted prisoners to learn about art and basically have something constructive to do with their hands and their time.

Des Ripi of Ara Poutama, Aotearoa says "Some of the prisoners become bored when there's nothing to do inside, so I started an art school for them to learn carving and other art forms including painting. "

The exhibition InsideOut6 has been exciting and beneficial, not only for the prisoners but for the wider communities involved.

"Well it's nice to see the talent of people who aren't in the normal mainstream, especially people who are perhaps in a situation where they've been struggling to find themselves and their work is a testament to that" buyer Tony Albrecht adds.

Ripi states that "10% goes back to them but the rest goes back to the community.This year, the charity who receives 80% of sales is the Northland Rescue Helicopter."

InsideOut6 is the result of a unique partnership between Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, Mairangi Arts Centre and the Department of Corrections, and closes on Sunday.