Indigenous symposium to help create jobs

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Tackling unemployment for indigenous peoples is at the forefront of the International Indigenous Employment Symposium hosted in Kahungunu.

Indigenous leaders have come together from New Zealand, Canada and Australia to support job creation for indigenous.

"One of the big aims is to get organisations to create employment for indigenous people including Māori to implement strategies they can use in their countries like Canada, Australia, everywhere, but we need to start here," says consultant Atarau Hamilton.

Māori unemployment is at more than double the national rate of 5.8% and the aim is to change that.

We need to do better in this space and so this is about learning from others are using that we might be able to apply with our own settings, building networks and taking that home to our own communities and to our own whānau," explains Jody Hamilton of JMP Consulting.

The symposium focuses on turning words into action to get more people especially the young into jobs.