Topic: 28th Māori Battalion

Huge support for pensionless Māori Battalion veteran

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

The Ministry of Social Development says that the future well-being of a veteran soldier is in his own hands.  This from the Ministry of Social Development in respect of the Māori Battalion Veteran Selwyn Clarke who had his pension cut two months ago.

The veteran of the 28th Māori Battalion says he has huge support from his whānau regarding assistance on the streets as a means of support.

He says, "I have good support from my family although I don't really like to involve them in issues such as this."

There is massive support online and Facebook to set up an account for those wishing to donate to this veteran whose pension was cut because he refuses to attend court to face charges laid against him in relation to the occupation of the Kaitaia Airport last year. 

Dr Makere Mutu from Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Kahu says, "Yes we've supplied him with food and some money and other things.  There is strong support for this elder from within the respective hapū of Ngāti Kahu who are very angry that his mana is being trampled in this way."

In a statement today, Work and Income New Zealand have told Te Kāea that they have worked closely with the police to support Mr Clarke to get the warrant for his arrest cleared.  Now it's up to Mr Clarke to attend Court and clear the charge in order for his pension to resume.

He says, "I will not venture into a court that's full of lies from the minister Chris Finlayson and the Police.  To this day I have always stood for the 28th Māori Battalion, for our lands and for the 1835 Declaration of Chiefs/Independence and I will continue to do so."