Huapai residents unhappy with housing proposal

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Auckland Mayor Len Brown and Housing Minister Nick Smith revealed their second special Auckland Housing Accord today. Our reporter, Heeni Brown, was in Huapai for the announcement, where the community showed its disapproval of the proposal.

Len Brown and Nick Smith are leading at the front, with Huapai backing them, but that doesn't mean Huapai supports the new announcement 

2,000 new homes will be built in Huapai as a way forward to make housing more affordable for low income families but some residents say they had no idea.

At the meeting community members voiced their discontent claiming they had not been consulted on the issue questioning the Mayor over when the community could expect to be informed.

In response to the questions, Mayor Len Brown told the gathering, 'We've consulted with the Board and so we've worked through with them and parts of the community clearly not all at this point in time'

There are 10 blocks in total invoved in the project situated between Huapai and Pukekohe..

6000 homes will be built in the blocks throughout Auckland,

The majority of the special housing areas lie in East Tamaki and South Auckland.

Mayor Len Brown says bringing more people to the area is a positive thing and he does not want the project moved elsewhere.

What was evident at the hui was many members of the Huapai community did not agree with the Mayor.

According to Len Brown there is a six month process ahead, where communities can have significant input and provide the right to appeal any of the special housing areas.