Topic: Housing

Housing NZ to demolish 33 buildings in Maraenui

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Housing New Zealand has released its decision on the housing situation in Maraenui, confirming it will demolish 33 buildings in the area and will have to relocate another 13 groups of tenants.

However, local community leader Maureen Mua say it's a good opportunity to turn Maraenui into the Remuera of the future.

Boarded up, empty state houses as become part of the Maraenui landscape for the last few years since Housing New Zealand began evacuating people, but these buildings are soon to be turned into empty spaces.

In a media statement, Housing New Zealand say that 33 houses will be demolished because they are earthquake prone or they are no longer fit for purpose.

Service provider Te Rōpū ā Iwi Trust commissioned a report analysing the housing situation in Maraenui, which shows a gradual decline in the population of around 13%, and building new, affordable housing could help Maraenui to once again thrive.

Housing New Zealand owns 380 houses in Maraenui, which is more than a third of the housing stock in the area, so Housing New Zealand says it will consulting in depth with the community as to what the empty spaces left behind should be used for.