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Hori artist sparks controversy with latest work

By Kawekōrero
  • North Island: West Coast

The artist known as Hori is turning heads with his latest works ‘Brotaki’ and ‘F_ _KAPAPA’.

Also known as Hōhepa Thompson, Hori has made his mark in New Zealand's fashion and design world with collections that tend to spark controversy.

A sign he made above his shop in Ōtaki said 'Brotaki' which didn’t sit well with some locals.

Thompson spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters about reaction to the sign from locals and the message behind his upcoming exhibition.

He says ‘Brotaki’ is a term he would hear a lot growing up in Ōtaki, and that it’s a reference to the large Māori population there.

He says, “That’s what I’d always called Ōtaki.

“As New Zealanders you know we constantly use ‘bro’ at least 20 to 50 times a day.

“But obviously some people took offence to it and that’s their opinion.”

Thompson says his upcoming exhibition ‘F_ _KAPAPA’ is a reference to his whakapapa and how his father wasn’t a part of his life for “the better part of 20 years”.

He says, “It’s basically an F you dad.

“We looked at that connection to my whakapapa and it’s not there anymore.”

Thompson is yet to announce the date of his ‘F_ _ KAPAPA’ exhibition but he says it will be in either August or September this year at his shop – 200 Main Rd, Ōtaki.