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Health representation for Māori ‘not good enough’ – Te Rina Moke

By Kawekōrero, Kayne Ngātokowhā Peters
  • Wellington

A Māori health advocate is accusing the Ministry of Health of breaching its Treaty of Waitangi obligations.

This comes following an AUT study revealed the Ministry disestablished the Te Kete Hauora policy team. It also revoked Maori health plans and reporting from mandatory DHBs, and has scaled back the requirements of DHBs to consult with Maori.

Māori health advocate Te Rina Moke spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters. She says, “It’s not good enough.”

“We’re in 2017 and we are still having to make the Crown be accountable.”

Moke says there are 140 claims before the Waitangi Tribunal around the provision of health services to Māori.

“So this is just another example of yet again, the Crown breaching its responsibilities to Māori,” she says.

Moke says the Crown and Māori have always had a tense relationship around the provision of health services to Māori.

She says, “We know that Māori have to be at the table.”

“We need representation at every part of the health system. We need to be at the table making decisions around the distribution of funding, resources around Vote Health which is $16.4 billion.

Moke says, “We want equitable health outcomes for our people.”