Health educator Te Orohi Paul returns to Te Teko

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Health educator, Te Orohi Paul has been returned to Te Teko following two days laying in state at Taheke Marae in Okere.  However, people remain in shock following her passing this week. 

Thousands continue to gather to farewell a much-loved member.

Māori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell says, “What a women! She had many skills worked for the people, her workload was huge for iwi, marae in education, health, gang issues that was her she accepted any job.”

Te Orohi Paul was welcomed on to Uiraroa Marae in Te Teko this morning after laying is state at Taheke Marae in Okere. 

She is well known for her work in health and made a significant contribution to treatment models concerning drugs and alcohol rehabilitation.

“This woman was a strong woman who had links to all her many iwi from Mātaatua, Te Arawa and Tainui,” says Te Poroa Malcolm.

Te Orohi Paul collapsed whilst in Wellington as she travelled to a White Ribbon motorcycle event in the South Island. 

Close friend Pem Bird says that he is still in stock from her passing because he was with her just last Friday. 

“That's what is so sad about it, before she passed away last week we were at the annual general meeting for Ngā Kura ā Iwi and now she's gone,” says Pem Bird.

Aged 58, Te Orohi Paul is survived by her husband Hakopa Paul along with her children and grand-children she will be buried here in Te Teko on Sunday.