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Hato Petera trespasses former BOT members

updated By Maiki Sherman
  • Auckland

Trespass notices have been issued by Hato Petera College to three of its former board members amid allegations they are part of a smear campaign against the school and its staff.

Hato Petera board members met last night with Auckland's Catholic Diocese Bishop, Patrick Dunn, in an attempt to address issues raised in the media around the school’s future.

Bishop Dunn says the impression he got from the meeting was that the board members were united. He said those former board members issued with trespass notices played key roles in Hato Petera over the past years and he was sad at the current situation.

However, he thought it was perhaps time the new board were given a chance to make their contribution also, "Maybe they just need to stand on the side line and let the new team have the freedom to contribute their gifts to the development of Hato Petera," he said.

For more on this story including discussions around the extension of the lease regarding the land Hato Petera occupies and its dwindling roll numbers, tune in to Te Kāea at 5.30pm.