Hastings Mongrel Mob lodges Waitangi claim to stomp out ‘P’

By Kawekōrero
  • North Island: East Coast

The Mongrel Mob’s Hastings chapter has lodged a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal alleging the New Zealand health system is inherently racist.

Lawyer for the Hastings Mongrel Mob chapter, David Stone, spoke to Kawe Kōrero Reporters and says all areas of the country’s health system is set up for Māori to fail.

He says, “If you had a board and a bottle and surrounding that board were all the different areas of ill-health in all the areas of health such as mental health, depression, suicide, cancer, diabetes, gout, asthma cardiovascular disease, prison health, everything. You’ll find that no matter where you spin that bottle it will end up with over representation of Māori in every area.”

Stone says Māori are three times more likely to use methamphetamine or ‘P’ than non-Māori so the Tribunal needs to take the claim seriously.

He says the president of the Hastings Mongrel Mob chapter, Rex Timu, filed the claim to raise awareness of the ‘P’ epidemic and because Māori aren’t getting the support they need to stamp out the drug.

Stone says it is a contemporary claim to the Waitangi Tribunal but the origins of the claim acknowledge historical Crown actions towards Māori.

“Take for example all of the Māori children that were put into state care and subsequently abused. And by abused I mean sexually abused, physically abused, mentally abused while in state care,” says Stone.

Stone says statistics show a third of people from state care have historically turned to crime or gangs.

Native Affairs will have a full story with the Hastings Mongrel Mob chapter tonight at 8pm on Māori Television.