Hastings council mower driver appears in court

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

The 72-year-old Hastings Council worker appeared in the Hastings Court today who allegedly killed 4-year-old Uetaha Ransfield Wanoa in a lawn mowing incident in Camberly last October.

4-year-old Te Uetaha was playing at Kirkpatrick Park in Camberly with some of his older cousins. They had been warned by the driver not to play near the mower. However, shortly after that Te Uetaha was swept under the lawn mower and subsequently died from his injuries. It's an incident that has deeply affected the local community.

Te Kāea reporter Aroha Treacher was at court today and says, “ the man has been granted continued name suppression, and is facing a charge of reckless driving causing death. He wasn't ready to enter a plea today and will reappear in court next month.

She says, none of the victim's family came to court. However she spoke with the niece of the council worker who told Te Kāea the incident is tearing her uncle apart, he can't sleep, he suffers from anxiety and is on medication to help cope with the stress, she feels he is not going to make it through.