Hapū grill Hawke's Bay Regional Council over water bottling plants

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Iwi, hapū and members of the community met with the Hawke's Bay Regional Council last night to have their questions answered over why non-notified consent had been granted to allow water to be extracted from the Heretaunga Aquifer.

One Pure International has been given permission to  extract more than 405,000 cubic metres of water a year and ship it overseas. The water will be extracted from an Awatoto bottling plant currently being constructed.

Koro Te Whaiti said enough is enough and wanted transparency from the council and that "whānau, hapū need to be respected."

"That's the upsetting thing, the iwi should be involved especially if  the water is going overseas and we have a shortage here in Hawke's Bay, our own people hapū and marae that don't have water and here we are shipping it off  overseas," said Rikki Solomon.

Hawke's Bay Regional councillor Ian MacDonald said there is no discrimination when people are applying for water uptake. The council will look at it's intended use and whether the limit will be enough and what affect it will have on the environment before granting it.

Currently eight consents have been granted for water bottling in the region.