Haka groups to perform at annual church conference in Samoa

By Ripeka Timutimu
  • Wellington

60-strong kapa haka will be travelling to Samoa where they will perform in at their annual church conference.

The catch is, none of them are Māori, all are Samoan. They've seen their ups and downs, but these newbies have grown a love for the Māori culture.

The Minister's of the church came up with the idea for this young group to learn a Māori bracket to be performed at their annual conference in Samoa.

Reverend Setu says "I'm really proud of them, it's 15 weeks since we've come together and we've put up this performance together and I think it's a hard earned 20 minutes"

These ex-students of the Whitireia Performing Arts Course were called up to tutor the group.

Jeremy Davis of Ngāti Maniapoto adds that "When you first start, yous see them as like sponges and as the weeks go on and on they just absorb it all so it's cool.

It's been a real challenge to learn their stuff for the stage, but it's hoped all will come together on stage in Samoa.