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Government strategy to smoke out robbers disputed by shop owner

By Taroi Black
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A new fog machine to smoke out robbers mainly amongst our dairy shops has been supported by the government in order to make this new security system more affordable.

Focus Digital Security Solutions Director David Morrissey says, "It's very powerful, it's very fast and you will not be able to see your hand in front of your face."

"There's a barrier between the offender seeing their goal which is often cash and cigarettes and all the staff and owners of the store. Once they cross the threshold and the fog is deployed they will not be able to see any of those items or those people."

Today the Minister of Police Stuart Nash and local police of Counties Manukau demonstrated this technology as an overview of community policing.

Minister Stuart Nash says, “If you're only getting one dairy implementing this than it is not working so what do we need to do to actually ensure it is implemented to keep our workers safe and that is subsidizing it to a much higher degree.”

Twenty of these machines have been installed in dairy shops throughout the country. Each installment will cost $250, however, a Onehunga dairy shop owner thinks otherwise.

William Gounder says, “For a small shop like this I know it will fill up in smoke but what happens during the day if it happens? Where do we run?

His store has already endured several cases of robbery in the past year.

“Currently I've got a friend sitting outside assisting my wife during the daytime to keep the robbers away because she panics when she sees someone with a hoodie and a sunglasses.”

The government will spend $1.8 million dollars into this new security system with the hope of stopping these robbers in their tracks.