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Gisborne hosts NZ film Broken premiere

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Gisborne was home to yet another movie premiere with the New Zealand film Broken making its national debut, a film where parts of it were filmed on the East Coast.

First-time actor Josh Calles and local Gisborne police officer plays an ex-gang leader who is seeking a better life with his daughter.

"YouTube was a good place of reference but the only bit of training that I really had was when Tarry [director] did the screen testing with me because he wanted to see if I had the goods as well, so it was challenging and curious at the same time," says Calles.

The storyline is based on the true story of Tārore, a Māori girl who is murdered by a rival tribe in the 1800s, her father decides instead not to seek revenge.

However, the historical account has been given a modern-day spin by turning it into a rival gang story set in the modern era.

"What's been really amazing for me as a producer is to see people from all walks of life different ways of thinking all come together all for this one message, a message of forgiveness and a message of hope that's really important to New Zealanders," says producer Sammi Teagle.

Director Tarry Mortlock had been wanting to turn it into a movie for the last five years and getting it to screen meant involvement from the local community.

"We had people show up loaning us their cars, their motorbikes, their business properties that we could shoot in, it was mind-blowing just the level of involvement from the community so it's so fitting for us to have the premiere here just to say thank you and this is your film as it is ours," says Mortlock.

Broken will open nationwide on February 1 and will screen in over 50 theatres around the country.