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Fundraiser looks to raise $10,000 for Tautoko FM

By Te Kāea
  • Northland
  • Auckland

A 16-year-old youth has been charged with the arson of the Radio Tautoko studio and offices at Mangamuka. 

He appeared in the Youth Court at Whangarei this morning and was remanded in CYF custody.

No one else is being sought in connection with the fire.

The Northland Radio Station was destroyed by a massive fire last month.

Since the disaster, locals and numerous groups have been raising funds throughout the country to help with the station's rebuild.

Tonight, Māori musos will band together to contribute to the cause.

Some Māori broadcasters came up with the idea to rally together and raise funds for Tautoko FM.

Ngatapa Black says, “So we sent out a request to some musos.  We have Seth Haapu, Rob Ruha and the band Manea with some up and coming singers just to name a few.”

They hope to fundraise $10,000 from the event, which will go towards the rebuild of Tautoko FM radio station.