Topic: Health

Florence Nightingale celebrated by Māori nursing students.

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

International Nurses Day marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She's renowned globally for her contribution to the care of people, not only her own but also indigenous cultures of the world.

Grace Benson, as Florence Nightingale, says, “She was interested in the health of NZ Māori and in the health of indigenous people.”

Māori student nurses are amazed by the work and the knowledge handed down by this famous nurse known as the "Lady with the Lamp".

“I think she set the scene and set the bar of what nursing is today, it inspires us to be, kind of work towards being the best nurse that we can be,” says Ashleigh Muraahi.

Florence Nightingale started the first ever scientifically-based nursing school, with many of her philosophies still relevant in today's teachings.

Grace Benson says, “Florence Nightingale's legacy is as real to us today, we have nurses writing about that today.”

“It's a day for us to acknowledge all the nurses all over the world who make a difference for health and for me it's about me being a Māori nurse I'm proud to say that I'm a Māori nurse and I'm here to advocate for our Māori," said Marcy Heihei