Flaxmere mum helps hundreds get their driver's licence

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

For the last three years, Flaxmere mum of five Te Atakura Huata-Harawira has been volunteering her time to help her community pass their licence tests.

To date she has helped around 300 people get legal. 

Seeing the need in her community, she was able to help develop the Get Your Licence programme.

"The main obstacles are costs, finances.  Another one is having a car is a big deal but having a legal car is an even bigger deal and the other one is that there is not enough support in the community for people that can't afford anything," says Huata-Harawira.

The programme helps build drivers' confidence on the roads and is supported by the Hastings District Council and Flaxmere Police.

"It's a huge problem and it's a common problem and it's going to keep happening like that so who we're trying to target is everyone," says Huata-Harawira.

Having racked up thousands of dollars worth of traffic infringements over the years she was motivated to change and get legal on the roads.

"I know what the struggle is like and I know how it feels to owe the Ministry of Justice that much money and not be able to afford it, having that sort of money going out of my account every week really put me out.  I can't afford it, so I need to step it up a bit".

And so she has stepped up by completing the national driving instructor course and is now awaiting the decision on her endorsement application.