Topic: Water Safety

Fishermen learn the importance of wearing life jackets

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

“Life jackets save lives.” This is the message two lucky Bay of Plenty fishermen hope to get across to people after their boat capsized off Papamoa Beach last night.

It was a lucky escape for Jason York and his mate Lyndon Enright who last night swam two kilometres to shore after their boat capsized.

Both men fell into the sea and grabbed their chilly bin which was floating nearby.

York says, “I said to Lyndon half an hour into our three-hour swim, Lyndon we are going to make this aren’t we, and he goes Jase, there was never a doubt in my mind mate.”

The pair launched their dinghy and made their way 1km off the beach.  After their ordeal, they are happy they made it back to shore with their lives and something more.

“We pulled the anchor with our bag limit, 14 snapper, 1 trevally and it's all in the fridge ready to eat,” says Enright.

But their message is clear, life jackets saves lives.

York says, “You're someone's son, you know, or daughter and family and foremost to think about them and to think about what you are going to leave behind if it is you.”

After making it back to shore, both men did not required medical attention and say that they have learnt that it pays to be prepared when going to sea.