Family speak out after brutal attack on 14-year-old

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Police are appealing for information on a brutal attack which put 14-year-old Ayden Kairau into hospital with severe injuiries. Police say he was attacked in a playground in Flaxmere after leaving a party.

Kairau was left bloodied and beaten after an early morning attack in Flaxmere on Sunday.

"He's got a broken nose, he's very multi-coloured from the bruising he's got cuts on his ears, he's got bruising all over his body, his arms and legs he's got boot marks from where they stomped on him on his face his neck and his arms," says his older sister Jordyn Kairau.

He had snuck out to a party while his mother was working night shift, upon arriving home she tried everything to locate him, before police knocked on her door in the early hours of the morning.

"We just can't comprehend how someone would have that much anger for someone to do that, to that extent, you know, some people get a punch in the head or whatever but that was taken way too far," says his Aunty Jana Kairau.

Police encourage people to come forward with any information, saying, witnesses saw three people standing over him while on the ground injured, but they quickly fled the scene.

His family say he was able to make his way back to the party, which was a short distance from where he was attacked, to raise the alarm and get urgent medical attention.

"These parties, all these young kids go there late at night drinking with Facebook it goes viral and so many people attend it so many young people Ayden actually biked out there, he was told to come to a party so he biked out there," says Jana.

His older sister says that he beginning to talk again and is making progress in his recovery, but doctors have said he will suffer from on going headaches and short term memory loss.

His family have spoken out to raise awareness for other parents about where their children are so that this won't happen to anyone else.