Family outraged after JB Hi-Fi refuse entry to Down syndrome man

By Mānia Clarke
  • Australia

The family of a man with Down's syndrome are furious he was denied access to a local electronics store in the Western Suburbs in Brisbane.

The family say he has been discriminated against and are now seeking legal advice.

James Milne is 21-year-old, a gentle soul with Down's syndrome.

His family are angry he was denied access by a security guard to a JB HiFi electronics store in Mt Ommaney in Brisbane.

Victoria Milne says, “It's hard, furious, it's really unfortunate. I didn't think these kind of things happened, yeah, it really is appalling.”

Victoria posted the incident on Facebook.  She says the security guard had mistaken her brother for another fair person with Down's syndrome who had been banned from the store.

But she says James has a brown complexion and is of Fijian/Australian descent.

Daryl Milne says, “Yeah I couldn't believe it, because we hadn't been in that store for ages. I couldn't believe why he wouldn't be allowed in there.”

Daryl says the incident then went from bad to worse.  He says the manager of the store still didn't allow James to enter.

“And then they, security guard checked with the picture, and I said uh, that's not James.  I could just tell straight away, but they wouldn't, nah that was it, he made his mind up, he didn't want James in the shop.”

James' mother contacted the store demanding an apology.  But the manager refused.

The Facebook post has now gone viral.  JB Hi-Fi CEO Richard Murray has since posted a written apology to James and his family on the JB HiFi Facebook page.