Topic: Crime

Families want to move on from grave vandalism

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

Concerned families are still searching for answers after their babies graves were vandalised at Papakura Cemetery on Saturday night.

Police have just released a picture from CCTV footage of the man responsible for the desecration.

The police are investigating the vandalism at Papakura Cemetery by a man caught on CCTV.

It's been two days since the devastation and the families are still picking up the memories left of their loved ones.

Rocky Morunga lost his niece Darlene Luana Ramai Walker to cot death.

He says, “My sister left to Australia.  I felt though I had to be here for her.

She's looking at taking my niece home to where my mum is and put her down to rest there only because we know she won't get hurt up there.”

Darlene Luana Ramai Walker died 40 years ago this Thursday.  The family want to move on.

In relation to the man responsible, Pearl Morunga Walker says, “Yes I forgive him. You can't carry on with life holding a grudge.”

While families search for answers from the police and the Auckland Council, they will continue to remember the good times.