Topics: Employment, Youth

Employers need to evaluate how they employ youth

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes
  • Auckland

The Future Ready Summit organised by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development in partnership with BusinessNZ and the Sustainable Business Council, brought businesses and talent aquisitions experts to debate on major trends and youth employment.

Challenging organisations to consider how they employ youth.

Jody Hamilton says, "Everyone actually needs to change if we want to get our young Māori into mahi and I mean everyone from employers, Government agencies, service providers, schools, and our young people our rangatahi we all need to make some change."

Atarau says, "If we all share the same goal to uplift youth from unemployment we can raise up New Zealand."

In New Zealand over 80,000 youth between 15 and 24 aren't in education, training or employment. Patrick McVeigh says the main theme of this meeting is to discuss the avenues that will get them into employment.

Patrick McVeigh says, "So today's a really important discussion around youth employment and the role that the private sector plays in providing opportunities for young unemployed youth across New Zealand and in Auckland in particular."

Jody Hamilton has advice for employers, "Just prepared be to make one change around youth employment and start it tomorrow take some action and learn along the way because you're not going to get it right first up and that's OK."

Atarau says, "We bring new ideas so the goal is for us to recognise that within our generation so that we can uplift the generations to come."

Jody Hamilton says employers need to evaluate how they employ youth moving forward.