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Eleven Housing NZ homes opened in Glen Innes

By Harata Brown
  • Auckland

The Minister of Housing New Zealand Bill English has made a promise to reach the needs of today's social housing tenants.

This comes as the government visited the first of its redeveloped state houses on Taniwha Ave in Glen Innes. 

Mother of five Ruth Tongialele (42) who once lived in an older state house describes her family’s new one as amazing.  "They love it.  They enjoy it.  It was really buzzing for them when they first came in to the home," says Tongialele.

The long-time Glen Innes resident has been rehoused in one of eleven new state houses built by Housing New Zealand.

Chief Executive of Housing New Zealand Glen Sowry says the redevelopment in the Tāmaki area will ensure that no more horror stories about cold and damp houses will surface.

“I'm confident there will be no horror stories.  We are working on what we can do to make sure all people are supported in our homes,” said Sowry.  

But Housing Minister Nick Smith wasn't as confident.  “When you're dealing with hundreds and thousands of people, you are always going to be able to find bad examples.  The challenge for us is to reduce the number of those by getting better in terms of the quality of the houses that we are providing,” says Smith.   

At the end of March, the ownership and management of 2800 Housing New Zealand houses as well as a $200 million loan will transfer to the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company to enable to work towards the goal of building a further 7500 new houses.

English says, “The vision for this community and the Tāmaki Redevelopment (Company) is a closer connection to the community and a more integrated connection to the community.”

English also says that the new homes reflect the focus on ensuring homes are both fit-for-purpose and driven by community agencies.