Topic: Te Arawa

Elders call for Hui over Te Arawa River Iwi Trust

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Te Arawa elders are calling for a tribal meeting following claims of mismangement in the Te Arawa River Iwi Trust. 

In March, Te Arawa asked the government to step in and investigate the Trust, this followed a break down between its former CEO Katie Paul and current Chair Roger Pikia.

Te Ariki Morehu is one of six Te Arawa elders calling for a tribal meeting, he says, “we have been wanting a long time for us to meet, for all the tribes that affiliate to the Waikato River to meet and discuss our concerns. 

In March, Te Ariki Morehu along with Sir Toby Curtis, Napi Waaka, Malcolm Short, Pihopa Kingi and Te Uru o Te Wheturangi Whata sent a letter to the government requesting an investigation into the Trust's dealings.

We understand that a grievance has occurred between the former CEO of this Trust Katie Paul and its chair Roger Pikia.  Mr Pikia has yet to respond to our requests but has hit back at Te Arawa elders in other media.

Te Uru o Te Wheturangi Whata is one of the six calling for an investigation.  He is also a beneficiary of the Te Arawa River Trust that looks after the tribe's interests in the Waikato River.  He along with Te Ariki Morehu, want the investigation. 

There has been no response yet from the government, but in the meantime a tribal gathering is in the works.