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Eat My Lunch aim big to feed Kiwi kids in need

  • Auckland
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An ambitious project to help alleviate poverty in New Zealand, Eat My Lunch aim big to feed Kiwi kids in need with the concept, "Buy one. Give one."

The idea was born about 13 weeks ago, founder Lisa King and co-founder Iaan Buchanan enlisted the help of Samoan-born chef, Michael Meredith, and a strong group of helpers to start making lunches for Kiwi kids in need.

In a span of 10 weeks, their team has made over 34,000 lunches - over 17,000 have been given to children in need in various South Auckland schools. 

Today, their crowdfunding campaign via PledgeMe smashed their goal to raise $120,000 to further support the work they're doing.

PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther said it was awesome to see Eat My Lunch reach its goal with the help of their crowd.  She said, "Eat My Lunch has built an awesome crowd around their work, it’s fantastic to see the way they have activated their crowd so they they can keep on providing lunches to Kiwi kids who need them.”

Eat My Lunch founder Lisa King said that they would be looking to further stretch their goals.  “If we can get another $25-30k we will be able to fund a cooking school for under-privileged kids to educate them about cooking and nutrition,” King said.

For more information, check out their website or follow their updates on their facebook page.