Topics: Entertainment, Waitangi

East Coast Vibes success for Gisborne

By Mere McLean
  • North Island: East Coast

Celebrating unity and expressing independence, the East Coast Vibes Festival is gaining a positive reputation and turning out to be a must-see event during Waitangi weekend. For the locals, it's a home-grown event.

Now in its second year, East Coast Vibes hopes to deliver an up close and personal event. For performers like Troy Kingi, the arena suits his style just right.

Last year the event sold more than 2000 tickets, however, this year they hope to exceed 3000.  But as the saying goes in Māoridom, if all is running smoothly at the back, things will fall into place at the front.

But this wouldn't be an East Coast party without some East Coast talent, so who better to entertain the crowds than Whenua Patuwai, who performed here for the first time after travelling around the country to events like this, thanks to his exposure on X Factor NZ.

Since its humble first beginnings, East Coast Vibes has and will always be held during Waitangi weekend as a sign of celebration and unity.