Topic: Christmas

Drunk driver slams into family property

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa
  • Auckland

A drunk driver speeding in a stolen car has crashed straight through the fence of a family home.

According to a member of the Manase family, “In a few minutes we heard the bang and we rushed outside, we found the boy in the car he was trying to get out of the car.  Then we started seeing the smoke coming from the car, he was trying to run away.”

The Manase family were in shock because they had planned to do some gardening right where the accident happened.

“I had some roses to plant and I wanted to do that before taking my girls to the Boxing Day sales. God knows if we were outside we were going to be right on the spot where the accident happened.”

The main thing is that none of the family members were injured and the police have arrested the man responsible.

But the Manase family are still urging people not to drink and drive.