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Davis remains strongly focussed on electorate despite deputy leadership possibility

By Maiki Sherman
  • Northland

The dates for the Labour Party's leadership contest have been revealed while the name of a Maori MP is also making headlines. Kelvis Davis is being speculated as a possible contender for deputy leader under new Napier MP, Stuart Nash.

Our reporter Maiki Sherman spoke to Stuart Nash today and although he didn't want to be interviewed, he did say that he would consider standing for the Labour Party leadership if Kelvin Davis stood as his deputy.

Maiki Sherman also spoke with Kelvin Davis today to discuss whether he has leadership aspirations.  

Kelvin Davis won the biggest battle of the election, defeating Hone Harawira in Te Tai Tokerau.  The question now is whether he may be able to champion Labour's problems?

“At this time it's a waste of time talking about my name for the leadership of the Labour Party.  I am solely focused on Te Tai Tokerau,” says Davis.

That idea though comes straight from the mouth of Stuart Nash, Labour's newly elected MP for Napier.

He says Kelvin is his "best mate" in caucus and would consider contesting the leadership if Davis was his deputy.

Davis says, “If he wants to stand as leader of the Labour Party that's his decision.  That's all very well for him to say that but there's no substance to it.”

Indeed, Davis is focusing on his electorate and says to give it time.

“I will strengthen myself and my skills within parliament and perhaps in a couple years I may consider such positions,” says Davis.

As for Stuart Nash, Davis says he's passed on another name to Nash for deputy consideration though he won't reveal names.

There'll certainly be a lot of fishing up until October 14 when the door closes on those wishing to enter the leadership race for the Labour Party.