Topic: Crime

A conviction for Korotangi

By Te Kāea
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty
Korotangi Paki in court - Photo/ file

King Tuheitia's second son, Korotangi Paki, is to be convicted.  The conviction is in relation to a drink driving incident.

In March this year, Paki appeared in court in relation to theft charges from an incident at a Gisborne Holiday Park.

He was discharged without conviction, but following a Crown appeal a judgement issued last week partially upheld his conviction for drink driving.

In a statement released by Justice Woolford the details of the High Court decision regarding Korotangi Paki to convict and discharge him for a drink driving offence have been outlined.

According to the statement, the High Court held that the respondent is to be convicted and discharged for the drink drinking offence. The order disqualifying him from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence for eight months was confirmed. He was, however, discharged without conviction on the two charges of burglary and one of theft.

The Crown had argued that convictions should be entered against the respondent’s name, but sought no further penalty or sentence.