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Concerns raised over health inequalities for Māori children

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

“We need to slash the inequalities for our children in the health sector.” This from a Māori doctor renowned nationwide as an advocate for the health of his people.

They are tomorrow's leaders, but inequalities in the health sector are affecting the health of our children.

"It's a big gap and this is where a budget could really look at focusing on children's health.  We invest a disproportionately lower amount of money into children's health than we do into adult and older people's health.'

Dr Lance O’Sullivan says the situation won't change until there's a shift in thinking.

He says “Certainly for certain kids there is huge inequality and we need to tackle that.  One of the areas of greatest need as I see it for health service delivery is childrens health”

For every $2 spent on the health of our children, $10 is spent on adults and the elderly. Dr O'Sullivan advocates that increasing investment in the health of our children will reap future benefits across the sector.

An investment in our children's health is an investment for the future.