Topic: 28th Māori Battalion

A Company appoints new patron, Charlie Petera

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Ngāti Kurī war veteran Charlie Petera has taken up the role of patron of the Academy of A Company that became vacant following the recent passing of Sol Te Whata.

"I'm feeling quite lonely today knowing that my friend has left big shoes for me to fill, but I'm the sole surviving veteran now and as the Ngāti Kurī people say, we must struggle on," said Mr Petera.

Students of the academy aspire to the words of advice from Sir James Henare to the 28th Māori Battalion on their return home, to be Māori and be leaders.

This veteran says his job isn't a difficult one as he's supported greatly by the students of the academy, that, "Their strength on my weak shoulders gives me strength, but it's they who carry the legacy of the 28th Māori Battalion."