Topic: Health

Chance for Nana Sass to walk again after dramatic weight loss

By Lynette Amoroa
  • North Island: East Coast

Sass Mahuika is pumping 40kg weights, but it's only a third of the weight she's shed in just two years.  Indeed, she has lost 120kg.  

At her biggest, Sass was 224kg.  She only ate takeaways and high-fat foods. 

There was no exercising.  She was obese and deeply depressed.

Sass Mahuika (Ngāti Porou), tells us, "I reached that point where I was tired of being tired, tired of living with the pain and eventually tired of living."

The only top she could fit was an 8XL, big enough now for her and her personal trainer.

She was so big she couldn't fit in the bath or shower, so every day, including the winter months, she'd go outside and be hosed down by family.  Then a turning point came in the news of grandchild.

For nine years, Sass was in a wheelchair following a car accident. She wasn't paralysed, but immobilised.

But this year, she had a bad fall and the unthinkable happened.

She says, "I felt this little tingle in the back. I thought, "Oh my God, what was that?" Then I just got feeling in my feet and everything."

That, along with recent hip surgery and weight loss, has seen her back on her feet.