Celebrations continue despite Big Gay Out cancellation

By Leah Te Whata
  • Auckland

Heavy rain and surface flooding in Auckland has led to the first-ever cancellation of the Big Gay Out festival. However, celebrations of pride continue within the gay community.

The weather packed in and organizers packed up at the cancelled Ending HIV Big Gay Out.

Event organiser Jason Myers says, "We were unable to get power to the main stage, obviously issues with lots of electricity and lots of rain in the same place. So, big decision but the best way to keep everyone safe."

However, the rainbow community weren't about to let the weather put a dampener on their day.

"Obviously despite the rain, nothing can rain on our parade so what we've done is moved it to another location Caluzzi Cabaret Bar and Restaurant and we're celebrating us. Love, diversity and having fun with the whole thing.

"Family Bar's opened up, Eagle Bar's opened up so everyone's in high spirits and enjoying the rain."

Some Karangahape Road bars opened their doors in an attempt to cater to the masses.

Caluzzi Bar owner Kita Mean says it's important to provide the gay community with an opportunity to gather together.

"We have a wide diverse amazing community and it's fabulous to come together with like-minded people and share a day of love and fabulousness."

Myers says next weekends Pride Parade will be a platform to drive the ending HIV message.