The case of the missing Manu - Morris the Mynah

By Peata Melbourne
  • Auckland

A talking pet bird called Morris the Myna has gone missing near Auckland's Māngere Bridge. Morris went missing after a day trip from his Ponsonby home went awry, leaving his owner chasing reports of sightings at the land occupation at Otuataua Stonefields. 

Joy Glasgow is calling for her mynah bird named Morris who she took under her wing when he fell from his nest.

“Morris dropped out of a very tall phoenix palm tree over in Devonport in front of our grandchildren and it was a question of getting him before the cats did.”

He's gone astray once before, but weeks ago he went missing from his home in Ponsonby while Glasgow was on holiday in Dunedin.

“We got a message on the first day that we were down there but we couldn't get back because we couldn't change flights.”

Morris is now three years old, during that time she's uncovered his talent for talking.

“If he's hungry he'll say 'hungry' or if you're eating he will say, 'have you got something yummy to eat', and then if you drop it he'll say, 'you've dropped it!”

The super friendly and well-known mynah bird will approach anyone, he was last spotted at the Otuataua Stonefields.

“They reckon they'd seen mynah’s coming in close to their camp where they're protesting and they were definitely going to be keeping an eye out for them.”

Glasgow hopes of his return are dwindling but she hasn't given up yet and expects his journey home will be long.

There has been a recent sighting confirmed in Blockhouse Bay, which is across the Manukau Harbour from Māngere. If you spot Morris, follow the contact details on our website.