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Bridal bootcampers await final results

By Mere McLean
  • Auckland
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

It's a nervous wait for Roimata Stanley-Kaweroa and Dan Ah Sam, one of six finalists in a competition to win a dream wedding worth $70,000.

Although he lives in Auckland and she lives in Tauranga, they say bridal bootcamp has brought them closer together.

Stanley-Kaweroa (Ngāi Te Rangi, Waikato) says, "It was just a really good opportunity to think a wedding we could win, we could get healthy.  We were really struggling to kick start to, you know, get healthy and lose some weight.  We were both incredibly over weight."

The Bridal Bootcamp was 13 weeks long which challenged the health and well-being of each couple.

Ah Sam explains, "There's a whole lot of hard work involved, we have come this far in three months and she's done really well.  She's lost a lot of weight, she's lost a lot of inches as well, so yeah we're not just looking good we're feeling good!"

The competition also impacted the spiritual side of being in a relationship.  

"We've been separated for three years, well living in different cites.  I'm working up there, she's working down there so they're moving up this weekend," says Ah Sam.

The couple's combined weight lost was 44kg, a challenge that they took on for their family.

Stanley-Kaweroa says, "The biggest lesson from it has been that we chose life for our kids and that's pretty cool."

Voting for the competition closes at midnight tonight and the announcement will be made late tomorrow afternoon.