BOP Regional Council announces new Māori title

By Te Kāea
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty
Bay of Plenty Regional Council

‘Toi Moana,’ has officially been adopted as the new Māori title for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

According to a statement released today finding a suitable Māori title for the Council has been under consideration for some time. 

Regional Council Chair, Doug Leeder believes it was important to find a Māori name that would resonate with all Iwi across the region.

Leeder says, “It has been important to reach a consensus on a name that everyone could feel comfortable with, and this name was unanimously chosen."

"The Bay of Plenty is also known as Te Moana a Toi, and it’s easy to pronounce for those who aren’t fluent in Te Reo,”

The word ‘Toi’ was chosen in reference to the regions ancestor, Toi Te Huatahi also known as Toi Kairakau.

‘Moana’ highlights the regions coastlines and inland freshwater lakes and rivers. It also means native, indigenous, summit, source, creativity and knowledge.

It is hoped that people feel comfortable using both names in English and Māori.