Battle of the Bands 2014 National Championship Final

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

Battle of the Bands National Championship is NZ's largest and longest-running band competition.

The NZ Battle of the Bands has helped the careers of many well-known NZ artists including the likes of, Opshop, Tadpole and Blindspott.

It is a prime opportunity for NZ bands to grunt it out on the Battle of the Bands stage.  Chief organiser, Andrew Featherstone is hoping to boost young aspiring artists to the World stage.

One of the teams that competed at last night’s competition was 7-man band, ‘ReZist’.  Behind camouflaged face paint and solider outfits, the Manawatū band displayed a thrilling performance on stage.

Battle of the Bands will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year.