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Award winning Māori films shown as part of Matariki in Auckland

By Wena Harawira
  • Auckland

Award winning Māori films are being shown as part of Matariki in Auckland. A group of Māori film-makers have also posted four of their short films free on Facebook, so as many people as possible can see their work.

In Rotorua, a steambox is used to cook food.

Steambox Films is a Rotorua collective of film- makers.
Tihini Grants says, “Joining this collective supports you in your work.“

Lara Northcroft says, “So it’s building our skills and capacity in our own companies but pooling them together.”

Steambox Films is screening four of its short films on Facebook for free so everyone can watch them.

Tihini Grant’s film Elevation is a dark comedy.

Mike Jonathan of Hakaboy Films is another member of the collective. Tame Iti was one of the stars of his film. 

Tim Worrall is a writer and director. His film is about the troubled relationship between a female rugby player, her Pākehā coach and the captain of her team.

Tim Worrall says, “What I really want is to stay here and make films about NZ.”

Brothers Piripi and Richard Curtis made the popular TV programme, Hunting Aotearoa. Now they’ve moved from the small screen to the big screen.

Piripi Curtis says, “These movies in particular don’t deal with death or abuse or drugs so to speak in a way that we’re so used to seeing.”

Making films hasn’t made them rich. The work is its own reward.