Auckland restaurant slammed for serving live fish

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland
One Auckland Chinese restaurant is currently being investigated by the Ministry of Primary Industries regarding the practice of live fish eating. 
A group of protesters took their hidden cameras into the restaurant.
Please be aware some people may find the images disturbing. 
Members of Fish Fight Aotearoa went to this Auckland restaurant and ordered a live crayfish, which cost them $350.
They filmed their dining experience to prove that live fish on the menu is alive and well here in New Zealand.
Rhys Smith says, "We told the restaurant that this was my birthday and could we please have a live crayfish and they said certainly."
Eating live fish is an offence under the 1999 Animal Welfare Act. In extreme cases the SPCA can prosecute.
CEO of the SPCA Ric Odom says, "You can just imagine, by killing any animal and essentially eating it alive is not pleasant and it is certainly disturbing to look at."
We contacted the manager who apologised stating:
"This is a asian custom practiced for centuries .We are not the only asian restaurant in Auckland selling live seafood from tanks.
I did not know this was illegal. If indeed this is illegal I would immediately cease serving as we do not want to break the law.  I apologise if I have upset some people."
Rhys Smith says, "I didn't actually like it. I love crayfish but it was very bland and it needed sauce on it because it didn't taste like anything. 
We had to go through the whole excercise so that we could bring out the whole camera thing."