Topic: Housing

Auckland homeowners in shock over rates increase

By Taroi Black
  • Auckland

A reported 9,000 homeowners discovered this morning that the rates for their Auckland homes have been increased, in some cases by $1,000. 

This has left many feeling angry and disappointed.

Auckland homeowner Kimoro Taiepa (Tūhoe, Tainui) says, “The mayor wants to make Auckland an international city but he's not thinking about the people who actually live in Auckland.  To me, they are ones who are going to lose out.”

Taiepa and his family moved into their house eight years ago.  Last year, both he and his partner were only paying $1200. This year his family now have to pay $1643.31 (GST Inclusive).

“We have sit down and perhaps discuss finances and how we're going to pay this bill,” says Taiepa.

This year's rates are based on property valuation.  If your rateable value is say $500,000, you'll have to pay $1,733 a year.  But if your rateable value is $1mil, you'll have to fork out $2,967.

Finance Manager for Auckland Council, Andrew Duncan says, “The Council can offer you payments weekly, fortnightly and monthly to help you spread that over the year.  We will also assist customers who may be eligible to get the government’s rates rebates scheme of up to $610.”

Of course this new rates increase will affect landlords as well.

Duncan says, “That will depend on their landlord and whether they decide to pass on changing rates.”

The council says the rates need to be increased to pay for a new transport system that will reduced traffic congestion.