Appeal for 4th liquor outlet in Onerahi sparks public concern

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

The Northland Medical Officer of Health has appealed the approval given to open the fourth liquor outlet in Onerahi.

With three off-licence premises already in the small community, locals say there's no need for a fourth.

Local resident, Buchanan Cullen says, “It’s just a simple fact that we have enough drunk youth and youth on drugs and alcohol, why do we need more alcohol and drug shops.”

The Northland District Health Board say this is only the start of a long campaign against the powerful alcohol industry and their lawyers are aiming to put an end to the normalisation of alcohol in the community.

The Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority says they can't comment on the matter while their decision is under appeal.

Results of this case will be useful to health officers across the country who are all facing similar issues in their communities.