Another horrific synthetic cannabis video emerges online

By Ani-Oriwia Adds
  • Wellington

The Salvation Army is calling for more awareness around the harsh effects of synthetic cannabis following another horrific video which has emerged online, highlighting the devastating effects of synthetic drug use.

Its addictive, it's dangerous and its spreading at an epidemic rate.

A video posted to facebook reveals the zombie like affects of Synthetic Cannabis and highlights the urgent need for more action on prevention.

National director for Salvation Army’s Addiction unit Lynette Hutson says, “We are going to see more and more people in that situation as we saw in that very distressing video. We're going to see more people having acute hospitalization if not more deaths because we've got a very toxic substance loose in the communities and its wide spread."

Hutson says that they are seeing more and more people at their offices asking for help.

“Its a health response. We need to give people help. We need to get them into treatment and we need to help them find alternative ways to do life."

Hutson says that there is no way to stop the drug from being distributed but that an urgent health response is required to be ready for when people need it.