Ancient kauri will remain standing

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

A written letter from the owners of the land in which the 500 year old kauri tree stands states that it will not be cut down. 

The ancient tree in the suburb of Titirangi in West Auckland was scheduled to be felled to make way for 2 houses. 

Earlier this week, protesters and activists gathered outside the property to try and save the tree.

Auckland mayor Len Brown on Wednesday said he was open to suggestions on how to save the tree and had been in talks with one of the owners of the property, John Lenihan in a bid to strike a deal.

Protesters were shocked when it was revealed the Auckland Council had granted the developers of the site resource consent to build on the land, saying that the council has not considered the history of the area and the impact on the environment.

Te Kāea went along to the initial protest on Monday and spoke to some of the passionate protesters who turned out in full force.